Embox Self Care gift boxes have been curated with the environment in mind. Each step of building the boxes has been carefully thought out to ensure that minimal impact is being caused to our planet in the process! 

From sourcing products from small UK companies to minimise carbon footprint, to ensuring packaging can be re-used, recycled, or biodegraded, every effort has gone into making this company as eco-friendly as possible. With this being said, there is always room for improvement, and as the company progresses and grows, I will be on the look out for any adjustments I can make to be even kinder to the planet! 

I've done my best to detail below the capabilities of each element of the boxes, in terms of recyclability etc. so that all you have to worry about is enjoying the products inside! ♥ 



Embox Self Care Packaging

Outer Packaging

All outer packaging (tissue paper, kraft postal paper, cardboard protective pieces) can be fully recycled. 

The only element that may not be accepted at recycling centres is the shipping label due to the adhesive used. I am working to find a more sustainable solution to this. 

Gift Box & Twine

The gift box is fully recyclable, but if you can possibly re-use it then even better! It would be great for storage purposes if you can find a use for it. 

The twine used to wrap the outside of the box is also fully recyclable. 

Notecard, Logo Sticker & Lining paper (plus any tissue paper)

These are all fully recyclable, the sticker is biodegradable. 

Crinkle Paper (Void Fill)

The crinkle paper used as void fill is completely biodegradable.

Product Packaging (per brand)

Delhicious  Body

The body scrub packets are  recyclable as noted on the back of their packaging. 


The soap bar boxes are recyclable. There is a small pvc window that needs to be separated from the rest of the box, but this can still be recycled. 


The body butter tins are recyclable as noted on the underside. 

Clarity Blend

The pulse point roll-on bottle is recyclable as noted on the back of the bottle. The outer box is also recyclable. 

Love Cocoa

The outer box is recyclable as noted on the back. The transparent wrapping is plastic-free and biodegradable as noted on the packaging.