Christmas Gift Guide

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift to suit your loved ones can be challenging. Especially when you can’t find anything to match their personality or interests. Or maybe you’ve found something nice but you’re not sure if it’s right for them.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that hard! If you’re struggling with your Christmas shopping, then you’re in the right place; this guide will do the thinking for you.

With carefully selected self-care products, grouped together specifically to create a unique wellness experience in each box, Embox Self Care boxes each have their own special benefits. Read on to find out which self-care box to choose for your loved one(s).

Each box has been colour co-ordinated, so if you know their favourite colour, it could just be as simple as choosing that! However, there is definitely more to consider when choosing the right self-care gift, so don’t worry; there is more detail to follow.

Along with different colour ranges, we also have different box types to choose from.

Signature Self-Care Boxes

The Signature Self-Care boxes contain a full multi-step pamper routine, designed for different purposes and to suit every mood. Basically an at-home spa session in a box, a Signature Self-Care box is a great choice as a main gift for that special someone. 

Click here to browse Signature Boxes. 

Pick-Me-Up Boxes

For those who may not be looking for a whole new routine, we also offer Pick-Me-Up boxes, designed as handy little two-step combinations to give you a quick wellness boost on the go, or whenever you’re short for time. With different combinations to choose from, a Pick-Me-Up box would make a wonderful extra to complete your loved one’s Christmas gift. 

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Now, for the most important part. Which box/range to choose?


Balance Your Mind: Signature Pink Range

For the spiritual, meditation loving, yogi in your life, Balance Your Mind is the one to go for. The products in our signature pink range boast calming, relaxing scents, specifically chosen to help soothe and centre you. An excellent choice for those who love a spa session.

This is a wonderful Self-Care Sunday treat, perfect to help prepare you for any stress that may come your way in the week ahead.

Click here to shop the Signature Box, and click here to shop Pick-Me-Up boxes.


Refresh & Revive: Signature Green Range

For the active gym buff, outdoorsy, nature lover in your life, Refresh & Revive is the perfect choice. As our signature green range, these products give fresh, natural vibes; something that’s represented beautifully by their revitalising scent combinations. Also a wonderful choice for those in need of an energy boost, or some muscle recovery after a workout.

This range is great to help beat the mid-week slump, when you’re finding yourself dipping and in need of a refreshing boost to keep you going.

Click here to shop the Signature Box, and click here to shop Pick-Me-Up boxes.


Melt the Day Away: Signature Blue Range

For the one who is always busy, has lots of commitments, and is in need of a good de-stress at the end of each day, Melt the Day Away is your go-to. With warming scents and nourishing ingredients, the products in our signature blue range are like that big hug you need at the end of the day when you finally have time to stop, take a deep breath, and release all your tension.

Perfect to round off a hectic week, this is a great range to enjoy on a quiet night in, when you’re looking for some relaxing me-time.

Click here to shop the Signature Box, and click here to shop Pick-Me-Up boxes.


Sleep Well: Signature Purple Range (Launching 25.11.22)

Sleep Well Self-Care Box

For the one who needs a little help switching off at night, who lies awake and struggles to get to sleep, this box is the perfect gift. Bursting with lavender and other calming scents, Sleep Well has been designed specifically with sleep in mind. With products selected to create a beautifully soothing night-time routine, this box will help you to drift into a peaceful slumber once you hit the hay.

This is a wonderful range to use nightly, especially if you’re looking to improve your sleep routine and increase your quality of sleep.

(This box is launching on Friday 25th November 2022, so keep an eye out for Black Friday offers, and don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this brand new self-care treat!)


So, what if you like the look of some of these products, but not the ones they’re paired with? Not to worry, we also have the option to create your own custom box from scratch! Click here to Create Your Own Bespoke Box, with whichever products you like!

With every box we offer, there is also the option to add on a free greetings card of your choice! (Including Christmas of course!)


So, there you have it, hopefully this has been useful in helping you to choose the right gift for your loved one(s), or even just for you! Don’t forget to treat yourself as well this Christmas; it’s a very important time of the year for self-care.


Merry Christmas when it comes, hope you have a wonderful festive period!

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